How can I troubleshoot the Dell Inspirons Blue Screen?

How can I troubleshoot the Dell Inspirons Blue Screen?

If you just open your work and computer for few hours (minutes) regarding keying, managing data sheets, content management or even just enjoy your time on the web, there is no way you’d come across the reasons right behind a Dell Inspiron bluescreen error.

The screen would certainly turn blue, show you that ‘the system has experienced some problems and needs to shut down’ and would dump some garbage data, which would just pass more than your head leaving you utterly irritated and puzzled as to what just happened.

When Windows experiences certain situations, it halts and the resulting analysis information is exhibited in white-colored text on the blue screen. The appearance of these errors is the place where the term “Blue Screen” or “Light blue Screen of Death” has come from.

Blue Display screen errors happen when:

•Windows detects an error it cannot get over without dropping data

•Windows picks up that critical OS data has become corrupted

Windows detects that hardware has failed inside a non-recoverable fashion

The actual text exhibited has changed over the years from a dense wall of data in Windows NT 4. to the relatively sparse message employed by modern versions of Windows.

Bluescreen errors may occur due to hardware problems or due to issues with operating system. By running diagnostics on your computer, you may check the program hardware functionality of your computer. To run diagnostics:

Reactivate your computer and tap F12 at Dell logo.

• Highlight ‘Boot to utility partition’ thus hitting Enter.

If any, • Make a note of mistake code.

If the test generates and fails any error code, it might be problem with system hardware and might need replacement. You may check if the device exhibits the same behavior in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ by following the steps listed below if the diagnostics pass:

• Restart the computer and faucet F8 important during the boot process.

• Select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Get into.

If the issue persists, • Select the consumer account at the log in screen and check.

Don’t get confused when several pushes popup in your My Computer window, labeling your drives accordingly is a great idea to avoid any confusing circumstances.

Once you are completed formatting and backing your data, you are able to reinstall your hard disk in your laptop and reinstall an operating system with DVD, Universal serial bus drive or LAN, as you want.

Remember, you don’t have to do this each time you see a blue-screen mistake. Sometimes light bluedisplay screen error happens for some very stupid reasons (even a simplerestart can fix it) and it’s a nice exercise to have an previously image of your clean Operating system somewhere (on a DVD), so that, if the issue is only related to some software program or driver, you can easily correct it without going through all the problems of opening your laptop and messing up with the warranty.

Even so, the method said above is super easy and fixes the problem without the help of a technician and saves you heck lot of time.

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