Justcom Combo KVM series-2 and 4-Port SOHO

Justcom Combo KVM series-2 and 4-Port SOHOustcom Combo KVM series – 2 and 4-Port SOHO USB/PS/2 Combo KVM Switch allows users to control 2 / 4 computers (either USB or PS/2 style computers) and multiple Audio & USB peripheral devices with a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. In addition to the USB keyboard and USB mouse ports. The switch combines advanced KVM technology with the increased functionality of true USB 2.0 and audio. The KVMs two-level switching technology allows users to switch the USB 2.0 device & Audio to another computer while maintaining control of a different computer. Switching between PCs can be accomplished through Hot-Key commands from the keyboard or from the front-panel push buttons on the KVM switch.

JustCom JC-CB104A 4-port USB & PS2 combo KVM with audio, cables

  • 4 Ports Computer Connections
  • 1 Port Monitor Connections
  • AutoScan Interval From 5 to 250 Seconds
  • Video Resolution 2048 x 1536

As users grow in knowledge and experience with their computers, they frequently wind up with more than one system on or under the desk, especially if you’re the type who hates to give things up. Space limitations, however usually restrict the number of screens you can have on your desk. A KVM (Keyboard/Video/Monitor) switch allows you to control 2 or more systems from one keyboard and screen. JustCom’s JC-CB104A lets you control up to four systems, whether they’re Windows, Linux, Mac or Sun. It can emulate a keyboard on each PC to allow your systems to boot normally without a keyboard error, and supports hot-swapping and can even be set to auto-scan, to alternate video between computers at preset intervals.Get the full story


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